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South Dakota Senate Bill 169 is the first major legislative initiative since prohibition to attempt to modernize brewery and malt beverage manufacturing laws and distribution. The bill has been drafted after many hours of discussion and focus sessions between the brewers of South Dakota, the Governor’s office, the Wholesalers and many industry representatives. Senate Bill 169 is fully supported by the Governor of South Dakota and the Department of Revenue.

This bill allows the independent brewers in South Dakota to continue to operate their business in the current form, but would also allow for the expansion of craft beer production, locations and closer relationships with South Dakota Craft Brewers and the retailers selling their beers.

Currently in South Dakota, winemakers and distillers have direct access to retailers. SB 169 would bring parity to the brewers, winemakers and distillers in our state.

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The breweries of South Dakota have joined together to promote the responsible production and enjoyment of craft beer in The Mount Rushmore State. The more than 20 small and independent brewery members have committed their time and resources to:

  • Brew and deliver the best craft beer product possible to the consumers of South Dakota
  • Provide education and resources for craft beer fans
  • Positively influence the culture and community of South Dakota craft beer enthusiasts

Separate Licenses for Craft Brewers

Creates two new classifications of breweries in South Dakota

  • Microbrewery = less than 30k barrels produced
  • Malt Beverage Manufacturer = more than 30k barrels produced per year

More Beer!

SB 169 will allow South Dakota craft producers to make more beer by increasing the barrel limit from 5,000 to 30,000 barrels of production while still allowing breweries to maintain their tap rooms.

Allow Self Distribution

Allows for a microbrewery to choose to distribute their product independently and directly to retailers or through existing wholesalers.  The current laws require brewers to move their product through a third party distributor.

Allows Breweries to have more locations

  • Allows for the microbrewery to apply for and hold additional licenses.  
    • Including licenses that allow them to operate a tap room with wine, cider, food, etc.
  • Allows for a brewery to run multiple locations if they choose
    • Each location will need to have a unique manufacturers license.

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